Automation Samsr High Precision NEMA 17 42mm Ball Screw Stepper Motor Linear Hybrid Stepper Motor For CNC Router

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Automation Samsr High Precision NEMA 17 42mm Ball Screw Stepper Motor Linear Hybrid Stepper Motor For CNC Router
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Warranty: 12 months
Model Number: 17E2115BS24-90RSN
Phase: 2
Type: Hybrid
Current / Phase: DC 1.5A/Phase
Product name: nema 17 42mm stepper motor
Application: Automation
suppy power: 8-36VDC
Current: 1.5A
Resistance: 1.8 Ohms
Inductance: 2.8mH
Number of lead: 4
Shaft Diameter: 6.35mm
Motor length: 34mm
Weight: 0.23g
Certificação: ce, ISO, RoHS, CE ROHS
Informação básica
Certificação: ce, ISO, RoHS, CE ROHS
Model Number: 17E2115BS24-90RSN
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Packaging Details: Exported Box+Anti-drop bubble
Descrição de produto

Samsr high precision nema motor hybrid stepper motor nema 17 42mm with ball screw linear motion step motor for CNC router





Supply voltage


Motor size




Product Detail


Step angle:1.8° No of phases: 1.5A

Resistance:1.8ohm (AT 20°C) Inductance: 2.8mH

Holding torque: 0.9N.m( Dielectric strength: 500V A.C

Insulation resistance: 100 MΩ Insulation class: Class B

Linear travel per step:0.003048mm/step Screw diameter:6.35mm(0.250inch)

Number of wires:4 Motor length:34mm

Operation ambient temp:20°C~+50°C Operation ambient hum: 15%~90%

Life: 5000Hours Weight: 0.3Kg

Dimension (Unit:mm)

Nut dimension(Unit:mm)

Technical parameters

Frequency curve


Configurations and Options

Besides all standard motors above, we also provide all kinds of customized motors per request.

Shaft Configuration: (unit:mm)

Encoder Option-1000 line (unit:mm)

A. Encoder 1000 line

Brake Option(unit:mm)

Configuration and Option driver:MD-2422

Related Product-Nema 8/11/14/17/24/34 linear ball screw stepper motor

Name Motor Voltage Current Resistance Inductance Weight Number of wire Motor length Driver
Nema 8 8E2105 2.5V 0.5A 4.9ohm 1.5mH 0.05kg 4 30 /42mm MD-2422
Nema 11 11E2110 2.1V 1.0A 2.1ohm 1.4mH 0.12kg 4 34/45mm MD-2422
Nema 14 14E2115 1.8V 1.5A 1.2ohm 1.4mH 0.19kg 4 34/37mm MD-2422
Nema17 17E2110 2.6V 1.5A 1.8ohm 2.8mH 0.25kg 4 34/40/48/60mm MD-2422
Nema 23 23E2130 2.1V 3.0A 0.71ohm 1.9mH 0.58kg 4 45/55/65/72mm MD-2504
Nema 24 24E2115 2.1V 5.0A 0.42ohm 1.3mH 0.6kg 4 55/75mm MD-2504
Nema 34 34E2160 3.0V 6.0A 0.5ohm 4.0mH 2.4kg 4 76/114mm MD-2806V

Screw Lead List

Size 20 28 35 42 57 60 86



Φ6 Φ8 Φ8 Φ12 Φ8 Φ12 Φ12 Φ12 Φ16
1.0mm Yes Yes Yes Yes
2.0mm Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
5.0mm Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
10.0mm Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
16.0mm Yes

Packaging & Shipping

Company Informtion


1.Factory or Agent?
We are Agent, but have professional R&D team as introduced in company information.

2. How about the delivery?
- Sample: 1-3 days.
- Bulk order: 5-20 days.

3. What is your after-sales services?
1. Free maintenance within 12 months guarantee, lifetime consultant.

4. Why choose us?
1. Accept customize & 24/7 after-sale services.
2. From mold customization to material processing and welding, from fine components to finished assembly,strict aging, finished product inspection.

5. Do you get the relevant certification?
All products are made according to ISO9001, CE &RoHS requirements.

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